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Student Digital Pay

Student DigPay is an innovative digital payment system designed to streamline school fee collections and more.

Discover how our system can simplify fee collections and enhance financial management for your school.

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About Us

Simplifying School Fee Collections

Our platform enables seamless transactions between parents and schools, ensuring convenience and transparency.

Student DigPay is a revolutionary digital payment system designed to simplify and streamline school fee payments and related transactions.

Backed by QuickPost, a leading provider of financial services, Student DigPay is committed to transforming the way parents and schools handle financial transactions.

Key Features

Real-Time Transfers

Parents can transfer fees directly from their Airtel or MTN mobile money accounts to the school's registered bank account in real-time.

Multiple Bank Transfers

Student DigPay supports transfers to all registered banks in Uganda, providing flexibility for schools and parents.

School Account Management

Schools have access to a secure browser-based account to track and manage transactions and student information efficiently

Automatic Reconciliation

Our system automatically reconciles payments, providing realtime updates on student fee balances for both parents and schools.


Regular security audits and updates ensure the system remains secure against evolving threats.


Student DigPay employs robust security measures to protect personal and financial information.

The Benefits


The school interested in Student DigPay services registers with us through our sales representatives. The school provides registration details and submits or uploads student lists to the system. The system automatically generates unique Student DigPay numbers for each student that parents will use to make payments.

USSD Options

Parents can use the USSD code 217215# to access the Student DigPay service. They select option 9 for Student DigPay, enter their child's provided student number, choose the payment category, enter the amount, and submit. They then wait for a prompt from their Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to enter their PIN and deduct the money from their mobile money account.

Confirmation and Fund Transfer

Once the payment is confirmed, Student DigPay securely deducts the payment amount from the parent's linked mobile money account. The system instantly transfers the funds to the school's registered bank account.

Payment Confirmation and Receipt

Both parents and the school receive instant notifications confirming the successful payment. Parents receive their electronic payment receipts through a link provided in an SMS sent after a successful payment. The school can also view and track these transactions on their dashboard.